Benefits of Vinyl Siding

One of the most effective material used in order to create a stylish yet stable siding is vinyl. Before, manufactured vinyl had bad reputation in terms of the siding’s stability because of the tendency for it to sag and crack. However, times have changed and technologies have forwarded, thus, with a modern manufacturing technique and high-tech combination of plastic and vinyl, vinyl sidings nowadays are the most sought after sidings of most home builders.

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If you aren’t convinced yet, about thirty (30) percent of American homes choose vinyl over other materials in constructing sidings. This demographic is expected to rise over time. Moreover, vinyl is known to be very versatile and offer the best kind of protection for your house.

Still, if you haven’t been convinced with the contentions above, here are some reasons why vinyl is the perfect material to use as siding.

Cost Efficient

One of the reasons why vinyl has been very popular for homeowners is that it is very affordable. According to studies, when you professionally install a vinyl siding, it could only cost you for about two thousand (2,000) dollars for a 1250 sq. ft. Moreover, if you are planning to install the siding all by yourself, the cost would only be a thousand dollars for every 1250 sq. ft. Vinyl sidings are not only affordable, but are very durable as well making it one of the most famous choice of home builders.


Vinyl materials of today comes in many colors, profiles as well as textures in order to give you a wide variety of choice. Moreover, if you are the type of homeowner who wishes to have an exterior that looks like it’s made out of cedar shakes but wants to have the qualities of vinyl, there are available vinyl replacements that looks very original, it fools even the keenest eyes. If you want to achieve a

Victorian scallop look, there are tons of options of inexpensive vinyl in order to imitate that, too. Thus, if you are looking for a material that is very versatile in order to suffice your taste, vinyl is the one to die for.


One of the most amazing qualities that vinyl siding has is that it is very durable. Durability of sidings is determined when there is a strong wind or a great impact from hail that somehow attacks your house. Vinyl is a very stable material that could protect your home from these factors.

Moreover, vinyl sidings are moisture-resistant and it is very important to note that moisture is one of the key reasons why a siding loses its stability.  Meaning, your vinyl siding won’t rot or corrode and could withstand the harshness of the environment and time.


One of the reasons why vinyl is a very popular choice among home builders is that it offers a low maintenance cost. Because it is termite and pest-resistant, it will keep its original form for a long time, maximizing the amount of money you pay.

Moreover, a vinyl siding is not necessarily paint-dependent and you could do some simple cleaning on it at least once a year. Keeping it great is not a hassle at all because maintaining it won’t be a problem.

Energy Efficient

One amazing thing about vinyl siding is that it prevents heat loss especially between wall studs in the outside surface of the wall. This phenomenon is called thermal bridging. Most houses have insulation in between studs of the wall, these studs in itself give off heat especially when in contact with the siding. However, vinyl sidings offer a protective coat for the studs, which makes your home warmer in the days of winter or cooler in summer. This will help you reduce your costing in air conditioning units.

These benefits offered by vinyl is very much helpful for you to decide what kind of siding you are going to get for your home. What are you waiting for? Contact your contractor now and see the difference today.


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